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    03 November 2017

    The code review that never happened

    AKA try/except properly and log!

      03 September 2017

      Let me introduce: __slots__

      The featherweight version of a Python class

        25 July 2017

        My to-watch-list from EuroPython 2017

        and don't forget your pants!

          09 July 2016

          Classes, instances and attributes in Python

          Back to basics !

            03 August 2015

            Amazing Iceland

            The land of ice and fire.

              09 February 2015

              Docker orchestration

              How to use docker-compose to deploy a flask app

                05 May 2014

                No country for young men

                Why Italy is not the right country for you if you are under 30

                  19 April 2014

                  Why, startup quote api and Docker

                  Everything begins with why, also my blog