Hi, I'm Christian Barra

I was born in Arona (🇮🇹) but currently I live in Wrocław (🇵🇱).

I am a freelance developer with a strong background in stats and passionate about DevOps (orchestrating stuff is a lot of fun).

I really enjoy teaching about software, data and I help companies to get the most out of technology (and Python). Regarding data science I like to work with imbalanced datasets, anomaly detection and ways to deal with out-of-memory datasets. On top of this I am also a Free Software lover and contributor.

I am also a Software and Data Carpentry instructor, where I learned about jugyō kenkyū and how to be a better instructor.

Apart from this I love reading, give presentations at PyConS, playing with Rust, drinking ☕+milk, bouldering and traveling (+30 countries 🌍 so far!)......

Python, Data and DevOps

Problems dealing with these technologies? Let me help :)


I have +5 years experience in writing idiomatic Python code and I am an avid user of the standard and asyncio libraries.

Soft skills

Years of making Python events have taught me well about the arts of communication and mediation with both technical and non technical people. And last but least in getting things done.


Jupyter & Pandas user, in the last months I spent a big amount of time learning the best way to serve machine learning models in production.


Light infrastructures with co-operative services, this is usually where async python applications meet containers.


Do you know you can use Python for IoT? I am a huge fun of MicroPython and platforms like micro:bit, PyCom, RaspberryPi and Onion.


I am a Docker user from the first release (2013) and I use it on daily basis, currently I deal mostly with services (aka Docker for clusters).

What I am really proud of

from 2016 EuroPython Society Board member

I have been elected as a Board member of the EuroPython Society for the years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

from 2014 Python Events Organizer

I started being involved with organizing Python events from 2014, with PyCon Italia, the next year I joined the EuroPython Organizers and for EuroPython 2017 I was the Conference Chair. EuroPython is the biggest Python conference in Europe, with ~1100 attendees and a budget of ~500K EUR. In 2016 I also started PyData Wrocław (🇵🇱), reaching 360 participants in less than 1 year and have regularly meetup once during the month with ~40-50 attendees.

2016 - 2017 Founder of the Microbit:Polska project
I started the Microbit:Polska project during August 2016, after KOED. I managed to get a grant from the PSF and Micro:bit Educational Foundation to run workshops inside the Polish schools to teach Python. The project right now is run by PyPolska, the Polish Python User Group.
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